Thursday, 7 February 2013

Christmas Qwillow.

I have been making a qwillow over the last few months and I thought I would share my progress with you all.
I keep showing you finished bits and thought it would be nice to show you an on-going project which I am hoping to finish soon.
For those of you that are unsure of what a qwillow is; its a quilt that folds into a pillow. As on the back of the quilt is a pocket that after correct folding the quilt will tuck in. ( Hopefully!!!!)
Like the beach bags that fold out to be towels in the summer.
All I need to do now is make the back pocket, attach the pocket in the correct place and then edge the quilt. Not much really.
The pocket is a block called Dahlia. This block has lots of curves and can be a little fiddly to make. ( Or it could just be me finding it fiddly) I thought I would show the the progress on this block also.
The center will be from the snowman material. I have not cut the circle out yet because I am not sure of the size, once I put it together I will have a better idea. 
The method used to make this quilt, is "quilt as you go".  Which means I make all my blocks to start, (but you can make a few) as I like to get all the preparation and sewing of the blocks done first then I make a quilt sandwich. This is the top block trimmed to 12 1/4 inches then I cut my backing fabric 15 inches square and the same with my wadding ( batting). Then with the backing material right side down (wrong side facing up), I lay on the wadding and place the block rightside facing up on top. Then I tack in to place starting in the middle working out, continuing this until I have formed a grid. This way everything is nice and secure. Decide what I want to quilt, in this case I quilted large holly leaves.
Once all twelves squares were quilted I put in the correct order and then started to sew the quilt together.
(I will have to show you this stage next time I put one of my quilts together as it is easier to see by pictures. I am working on another quilt so it should not be long.)
The blocks I used for this quilt was;
Starting from the top left;  Star, North Winds, Star within a star, Christmas Wreath, Father Christmas, Snowflake, Flickering Candles, Christmas Tree, and Stitched Heart.
Once it is finished I shall show you the finished quilt and show how it looks as a pillow.
 I have more bits on the go...... quilts ( lots of quilts), pillowcase covers, bags, pincushions. I have been collecting halloween material for about two years, as I want to make a quilt. So I am hoping I can start it this year.
But I have joined more groups on Threadbias and have lots to make and do there as well as a class I go to every Tuesday afternoon. Which I have just started a scrappy quilt as well. Lots to sew.....
Well I better go, I need to proof read a dissertation for someone and carry on with this block. The dissertation is a welcome break as the block is driving me round the bend, but I shall finish by tonight as I don't think I want to do it tomorrow.!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by....... Keep sewing
See you soon.

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