Thursday, 14 February 2013

Scrappy Quilt.

I'm two weeks into my new Scrappy Quilt with my Tuesday afternoon class.

The idea is I use some of my old fabric and scraps ( old bits left from other quilts I have made) its a sound idea and understandable, I can do that! I think!...... I said to myself.

Then I thought perhaps I could do half scrap and half ??????????????? Oh gosh I'm a fabric addict, I went and brought some new fabric not a lot, just 3 0r 4 fat quarters to start with then by the time I started laying it all out, I realised I brought 6 plain colours (only fat quarters, no much..... really) and 5 new patterned fat quarters. But I have  6 fat quarters  from my stash, so not to bad!!!!

But in my defence I am half way through a Flower Quilt that is all made from Scraps, so technically I was running out of Scraps. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway the Scrappy Quilt, this is made up of 14 patterned blocks 9x9 inches and 10 plain blocks 9x9 inches and 4 long boarders with patterned blocks in each corner.

The plain blocks will have applique' flowers( I think..I may change my mind as I am thinking "cake" possibly cupcakes, with tea pots and teacups............... maybe..............)

Well I got a bit carried away, the patterned blocks are made up of nine 3x3 inch blocks in different fabric and I only meant to cut out 126 small blocks which would give me 14 blocks but I have cut out lots more, so far I have sewn 189 of the blocks in strips of three and I still have quite a bit cut out.

This will give me 21 patterned blocks................ Oh well the quilt is growing to a size of its own and I am only two weeks in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This may mean I need some more plain fabric ...........mmmmmmmmmmmmmm every cloud has a silver lining.

Then I need to start thinking about the backing fabric and the wadding. Well the wadding is easy, but the backing fabric, other fabric outing..... Oh my.!!!! What will people say!

                                                                     Bits left over

I will keep you up dated with my progress and the size...

 I am thinking about Easter, what to make; bowls, garlands, wall hangings, table runner.............. Fabric Easter Eggs for my Easter tree, I need to Google and go to the library this weekend I  think.  I have way too much thinking space in my head...............

Thanks for stopping by.......... Keep sewing........

See you soon..............

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