Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Chicken basket cover

My little sister was surfing the internet from her sick bed the other month and found a chicken basket cover for your bread rolls.
She instantly fell in love with it and sent me an email, requesting I make it for her as she is ill in bed and it would cheer her up. And as we have been on our bread course and we both have been making rolls and pitta bread she could use it to cover them. And as her birthday was coming up and it would be the perfect gift. The list of why I should making it for her went on and on, finishing at I am your only little sister our middle sister is your only middle sister and when she see it she will want one so really you could make us one each!!!!!
How could I say no to the list of "why you should ".
I went on "Diary of a Crafty Lady" blog and found the instructions. I used the template for my hen doorstop and I used the same fabric.
Under one of the wings I made a pocket opening so you can put your hand in to retrieve a roll out of the basket. 
When I gave her, her chicken basket cover for her rolls, the first thing she asked was will it fit on my head!!!!!!! Charming................. I know what's coming next.... Can you make one for my head and all the reasons why!!
Needless to say she loved it and is using it as I write this. But I think her two little girls have their eyes on it and want it for themselves.
So thank-you Diary of a craft lady for posting it on your blog. It has made my little sister very happy, my middle sister has not seen it yet as she is living in Malaysia at the moment but is back visiting very soon, So that could all change.
Thanks for stopping by, hopefully it may have inspired you to have a go at making one....
See you soon and keep sewing.......

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Door stops

We have been making Doorstops!!!!!!!!!
Meet the family, we have 2 robots, 1 rabbit and a hen.

And not forgetting our mouse the paperweight.
I got a wonderful book for my birthday all about Doorstops. So I decided to make some.
large robot and small robot.
Rabbit and Hen.
The patterns have to be enlarge to the size you require, which is helpful because some doorstops I have seen are lovely but very big and I would be tripping over them.
I shall be making more, because I just love them, soon my cabin / house will be full of fabric chickens, cube cats, doorstops and paperweights.
Halloween is in 66 days time so I could make a doorstop for that!!!!!!!! I wonder what I could make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch this space ................
Thank you for stopping by........ See you soon and enjoy the last few days of sunny August.
Keep sewing............

Sunday, 25 August 2013

My August Peg Bag swap

As some of you know I have been organising a swap for August over at Threadbias.
I decide to make peg bags to add a bit of sparkle to wash days. So far I have made peg bags for my mum, little sister, my little niece and me.
 Now I have made this one for my swap partner, who lives in America.

The fabric I have used is from The Henley studio. The back of the peg bag is Wash day Irons.

And the front top is Pegs ( well it is for peg bags) and the bottom part is wash days utility room.

I just love these fabrics, they are such fun.

I took the pictures under the summer umbrella because it was raining!!!!! Well it is Britain and our summers are part sun part rain. Hopefully it will be lots of sun for my swap partner so the peg bag will get lots of use.

I shall post a picture of my peg bag I receive from my swap partner when it arrives.

Thanks for stopping by....... hope you are all have a great summer,
See you soon and keep sewing.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

August's quilt block for quilts around the world.

The block requested from the August Queen Bee was the Japanese + and x block.
I have never made this block before, so I was excited to try something new. All the blocks I have made so far are blocks I have never made, this is why its such fun to sew with people around the world, you get to try something new very month!!!!!!
 The instruction were some great scrappy print or text fabric, bright or neutral colours but no pastels.
So off I went to my trays and trays of fabric to look for text fabric to start then bright print fabric. And here we have it......
These are my fabric choices, I have cut out into my pattern pieces.
I have 4; 5.5 x 5.5 inch squares
8; 3.5 x 3.5 inch squares
4; 2.5 x 3.5 inch rectangles
2; 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares
1; 2.5 x 6.5 inch rectangle
Then I made the corner squares and joined the rectangles to the squares. Finished bits to other bits. 
Joined them altogether and finished block.
The pattern instructions came from if you fancy having ago.
This was such a fun block to put together, the longest part was cutting the pieces out.
Just can't wait for Septembers block now.... Soooon be my turn!!! well January will be here soon.!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by............... see you soon
Keep sewing...

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Updates on Things

Hi guys, hope you are all well. Lots have been happening here at the cabin! Where do I start.........
Well at this very moment I am in my kitchen making Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam. While this is reaching Boiling point / setting, I thought I would write an update on things.

Well summer arrived and went for a few days, we have rain!!!! but next week it is warming up. The girls ( my chickens) did not like the heat, it became too hot for them. So I took them out the front of the big house were it is cooler in the afternoon to cool down. And they love it out there.

I have August's quilt block to do for quilts from around the world, the block is called X and +, I will show you more when I am making it.
The peg bag swap is well underway, two ladies have finished theirs and are waiting for the posting out day to arrive. I need to show you mine too.

I have been making more tea towel aprons, just need to attach pockets and ties, will show you them too.

Oh and I have some new doorstops and a Chicken basket cover, to show you.

And I have done two classes this summer,  fabric box making and red work.

I have started crocheting a ponchos for my nieces the smaller on is half complete just need to put it together and add the edging. Yes I need to show you that too.

Well I need to go now to test for set on the jam and then jarring up.
At the weekend I am off to Canterbury and then off to see my honey bees. I am waiting for two of my hives to produce Queens so fingers crossed.

I shall see you all after the weekend with lots of things to show and finish.

Thank for stopping by, see you soon.............