Wednesday, 22 May 2013

May's block for quilt around the world.


Well May is here and the quilt block has arrived. The Queen of the Month posted late! You are meant to post one week before the beginning of the month... But she forgot it was her month to post. Never mind here we are.
This month we have been asked to do a block called "Garden Fence"
 the colours are any shades of purple, and shades of green with accents of whites and solid white.
I have the pattern and now I just need to convert it over to hand sewing. The pattern is for machine sewing so it has the seam allowance already added, but for hand sewing quilt blocks you have to draw the shapes required on to card minus the seam allowance.
 Basically I am turning the machine pattern into American block piecing pattern, you could turn it into English piecing but that would take a little longer,with lots of paper.
 Now for the cutting out.
Now we can assemble

This was so easy to put together, the quilt is going to look great. This block is going to be sent to America and June's quilt block is going to Australia.
Well I am off to bake cakes now, I am making rock buns (two types) and banana cake.
Thanks for stopping by..... see you soon.............
keep sewing and baking !!!!!!!!
Remember every day is cake day !!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, 18 May 2013

New Flock of Fabric Chickens.............

I have made a new flock of Chickens. I made some for my nieces for Easter, as they love chickens! real ones and fabric!!
 This time I made larger ones for doorstops, as well smaller ones for paper weights. Theses have double becks, so it looks like they are chatting. Every time I make these I seem to add different bits, I'm thinking the next ones may have wings!!!!
So welcome to the new flock!!!!!!!!!!! There are lots.....


Hope you enjoy the new flock.
Thanks for stopping by .. see you soon..
Keep sewing ..........

Friday, 17 May 2013

Greengage Jam

I did it !! I made my Greengage Jam. The greengages are from last years stock, that I froze. One of my freezers is two thirds full of fruit from last year. So I do need to start making Jam so there is room for this years fruit. And because I have ran out of homemade jam.
(Which taste better than shop brought jam)
The recipe I used was one my little sister gave me about two years ago, its very straight forward and easy to follow;
1.5 kg or 3lb 5oz greengages,
1.5kg or 3lb 5oz of granulated or caster sugar,
1-2 vanilla pods,
15 g or 1/2 oz.
1. Put the whole greengages into a pan, ( tip; count how many go in because that is how many stones need to come out) with 250 ml of water and the vanilla pod. Simmer for 30 minutes until the fruit is extremely soft. Draw off the heat and add the sugar. Keep stirring until it has all dissolved, then return it to the heat. Bring it to the boil and stir in the butter.
2. Let it boil hard for 10 minutes, stir occasionally so it does not stick to the bottom. By this time the stones should be coming to the surface. Lift them out with a slotted spoon. Keep boiling then jam until it reaches setting point.
3. Skim off any scum, and fish out the vanilla pod. ( keep this to one side.) Then ladle the jam into hot sterilised jars, seal, leave to cool and label.
Now I am going to tell you how to make vanilla sugar, with the vanilla pod wipe it clean. Get an air tight jar and fill it half up with sugar, place the vanilla pod into the sugar, don't worry if its a little sticky add the remaining sugar and seal the jar. Leave for a week or two open the jar and smell the vanilla. You have just made your very own vanilla sugar.
I do this all the time, then I use the sugar when I am making cakes and biscuits.
My jam this time came out dark because my fruit is frozen, if you use fresh greengages the jam will be lighter, but it all tastes the same," delicious ".
I love making jam because the last little bit in the pan I always have on hot toast there and then. Once all the jarring up is done and before the washing up begins, I cook up some toast, make a cuppa and enjoy my freshly made still warm jam on my freshly made toast, it tastes divine.
My little piece of Heaven, then the clearing up begins, .......... 
Hopefully next week I am going to make apple and blackberry jam.
Thanks for stopping by.... enjoy making the jam its fun and tastes nice too..
See you soon

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Peg Bags

In August I am hosting a Swap on Threadbias. Having racked my brains for something to come up with, I have decided on Peg Bags or Clothes Pin Bags.
I knew I was on to a winner, when my little sister came for a visit and said her Peg bag had split and could I mend it for her. This was the Peg Bag I made her about 10 years ago, I made one for my mum and other sister at the same time so I know they all need an overhaul.
I agree, and went off to find patterns. So off to the Library, my bookshelf and you guessed it Goggling I go..........
I have found hundreds and thousands, all different shapes and sizes on the Internet. On my bookshelf I found a book with two in and at the Library I found some more.
Now I have decided on the four I want to try out before August. I do like to be organised, and I am a bit nervous as I have never held a swap before, taken part in loads..... not hosted.

The first one is made from a tea towel. Bit of advice fold the tea towel in half to make sure its the same size. The one I used was not and a lot of shaking of the head, measuring and sewing went on. Here is the finished bag. It needs a little bit of decoration but I want  to show you the basic shape, now I will decorate it....... 

The next one, I tried was the dolls dress. This was a little bit harder as I had to enlarge the pattern and add lace. This fits a child's coat hanger, which is OK but I want to make on larger one that fits an adults coat hanger.

The next two are the same style but in different fabric. These are both using children's coat hangers

And my last is completely different, this is like a little bucket bag. It hangs over the washing line. On the hanger is a press stud so you can undo the strap, hook it over the line and press it back together. I am going to add a button where the press stud is, but I want a bird button and I don't have one!!!! YET but by tomorrow evening I will....
I shall be making more as they can be using for all sorts of things. Some people remember these as pyjama bags, some people have this in their pantries for plastic bag holders or even in you wardrobes for socks, and underwear bags.
I am going to use some for my sewing room to keep scraps of fabric in and one by my sewing machine for bits of thread and fabric ( much easier than bending over on your hands and knees picking stray bits of thread up)
You could even make some to put your potatoes and onion in and hang them in the pantry... The list goes on and on and on...........
Well thank you for stopping by, I may have just inspired you to make one! or two!!
See you soon and keep sewing.....

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Scrappy Quilt update with appliqued Teapot.

Well as some of you know I have been working on a Scrappy quilt, lots and lots of small squares all needing to be sewn together. Well here is my update, I have now completed 11 large squares and  6  teapots.

Yes, you have read right, I have appliqued 6 teapots onto plain coloured fabric. As you can see a one needs its lids appliqued on. This will be done soon, the trouble with this quilt is, that very time I pick it up to continue, some one asks me to help them with something or the phone rings !
I want this quilt, to have a summery look to it, sort of  "English Tea Party ".  I may add appliqued cupcakes or tea cups! not decided yet, but when I do, I shall let you know.

We have a quilts on the line show coming up in July, so this one will be shown as a quilt in-progress. I do have a table runner and my Christmas qwillow to put on the line and possible another a quilt, which will be shown as in-progress or as I like to call them UFO's (Unfinished Objects) I do have a few of these at the moment ...

Well this is my update on this quilt, I need to finish some pin cushions too as they are long overdue!

Thanks for stopping by, and I shall see you soon..........

Keep sewing....

Oh tomorrow I'm making greengage jam in the morning, I'll let you know how I get on ..

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cube Cats

I know this is a day late! but sometimes life just gets in the way. I my head I was going to finish these Saturday! but I have finished them today.
Welcome to Cube Cats.
I was asked if I could make cats like I have made fabric chickens!!! Well I replied, I could but I need to design a pattern. So off I went into the cabin armed with paper, card, ruler, scissors, fabric, threads and alot of idea's in my head and an hour or two later I had my first cube cat. Then I gathered up my Moda scrap bags and got to work making more.
 I gave these cats fluffy tails but I may make the next ones with fabric tails. 
I think I will be making lots more of these because I just love them!!. I'm think I could do some in Christmas fabric??? Yes I know Christmas is months away but I do like to be prepared, I could even make them with Christmas hats !!!! Or I could make some for Valentine's Day? Oh the list is end less..........
I could make one for my cat and fill it up with Catnip? She would love it too.......... having a little play mate that does not run away, Oh the hours of fun she will have... 

Now what to make next!!!!!
I have nearly finished my peg bags, so I shall be able to show them to you in the next couple of days. And I have just finished a new flock of Fabric Chickens that will be flying in very soon.

Thanks for stopping by.... see you soon .............................

Keep Sewing..........

Friday, 10 May 2013

Fabric bags.

 I have been making fabric bags, partly to help save the environment and partly because I do hate plastic bags. They nearly always break, they are never attractive looking  and if you have just brought underwear or in our house we call them foundation garments ( foundation is always said " foundaaaaaaation" ) you don't want people knowing.
So here are my fabric bags, the top picture is the front and the one underneath ( I wish I could find a little arrow to point down) is the back.
 I love the fabric, all cakes, candles, presents, coffee and chocs.
I also love my owl fabric with a candy stripe back.

 This American Fabric is actually curtain fabric so this bag is very strong and I just love the magazine print
I carry everything in these bags, shopping, sewing, library books, etc and if they get dirty just put them in the washing machine.
They also make fabulous gifts or even gift bags.
My sister wants me to make her some because she hate plastic bags and taking them to the recycle centre every week with two little ones is not an easy task. Luckily she love funky fabric and I do have a nice little stash of fabric just right for her bags.
Once I get started I shall show you the fabric and the finished bags. She has only asked for seven!? So I better get a move on finishing my cube cats. I hoping these will be finished today so I can show you them tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by, see you soon...........
Keep sewing !!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

April's quilt around the world block.

Here is Aprils block I completed. Its called......well it does not have a name its just referred to as "Simple Triangle block"
The Queen for the month lives in the USA and wanted this block to be made from bright, bold, patterned or solid fabric but no pastels. Which is understandable as this block looks good in bold colours. I can't wait to see the whole quilt when its finished. Only 8 months to go before its my turn to choose a block!!!!!!!!!!! no pressure yet!
May's Queen was a little late publishing her block but its done now and I'm off to look for fabric. I've heard the colours are purple, green and white. Any shades. So off I go see you soon and thanks for dropping by......................
Keep sewing.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Gifts from Australia

These are my gifts from Toowoomba Australia.
Here is my wonderful table runner.
and here is my lovely pincushion which is going on to my threadbias pincushion group.

My lovely gifts have travelled 10218.3 miles or 16444.8 kilometers or 8873.6 nautical miles.
Which ever way you look at it, its a long way.
Lots more to tell you see you soon and thanks for stopping by.......................................
Keep sewing!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Gifts to my Mystery Swap Partner.

As some of you know I have been taking part in a mystery swap over at Threadbias. My swap partner was in Australia.

We sent our A4 envelopes off to each other and now we have received our gifts, I can share them with you.

This is my gift to Australia;

Fabric bag made from Amy Bulter fabric


And coasters made from my London Icon and Buildings fabric


I loved making these. Next time you can see what my swap partner sent me.
Thanks for stopping by see you soon and keep sewing........