Friday, 8 November 2013

Autumn Stitch Along

In September I joined an Autumn Stitch along, which has been organised by Wild Olive.
Through out September, October and November we are being sent tiny new patterns to embroider on to hexagons. The finish project will be a cushion cover.
For this project we are all using English paper piecing for our hexagons. They are so cute that I thought I would show you where I am up too, But I am a lot behind......... never mind Rome was not built in a day.

These are my scarecrows and they are stitched on larger hexagons. And we are adding plain smaller hexagons as well.

As you can see there are lots for a cushion cover.......... This is because I have decided to make something else but I am not saying what yet !!!!!!!!! Its a surprise.... All my smaller hexagons are made from Autumn shade fabric as well.

These are my baskets of leaves, I have decided to do 7 to 8 hexagons of the same design. So this is why its taking longer. But I don't mind.

A closer look of my basket of leaves.

I still need to do flowers, pumpkins, bread, wheat, donuts, cake and lots more......

As I sew them I shall show you my progress.......

Check out Wild Olive's site it is full of fabulous things to make and see.

Thank you for stopping by and  see you soon.

Oh I have slightly changes the colour on the blog as I fancied a bit of a change.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Diary Cover


I decided I wanted to make a cover for my diary this year. I always get an academic diary???? I'm not really sure why any more?? I think it is out of habit!!
It all started many moons ago when I used to work in schools. Our year always began in September and ended in July, with August being a free month. A month were you woke up when you wanted, eat when you were hungry and slept when you were tired. And you never worn your watch.
A total free month to do as you pleased!!!!!! Before the new year started in September.
So when I left working in schools, I still brought academic diaries and August is still my free month to do as I please.

 But New Years does not make me feel like one year is ending and other is beginning as this happens in September for me. Which is pretty cool, no New Years resolutions to make..... and break within a month.
 Now back to the diary cover.
I have wanted a covered diary since the year dot but never found one that I liked or could be used for what I wanted. I want to be able to put my sewing needle in the inside if needed, a bit like a pin cushion.
So I started my choosing my fabric..... Owls I just love it.....
I measured my diary, front, spine and back and height, then I  added 2 inches to the overall length on either size. This was for turning the ends over.
Then I added a 1inch seam allowance, it is so I could stitch just outside the line (Seam allowance side) So that when I turned it out it would fit the height of the book correctly.
Once I had all my measurements I cut out the fabric. I used the owl fabric for the front then I had a plain fabric for lining  and I cut piece of batting for the middle. This way I have a soft book cover that can double as a pin cushion for my sewing. A little needle case, come diary two things in one!!!!
Then I sandwiched them all up, right sides facing each other with the batting on the bottom then I stitched just outside the line so when it is turned right side it would fit correctly.
I left one side open for turning out the right way  and poking the corners out.
I then measured the diary against the rectangle of fabric just to make sure it all fitted and slip stitched the open end shut.
Then with the diary laying on the fabric (as above) I measured the sides to make sure the over flap ends were correct size. And folded them into the book.
Once they were pinned into place I slip stitched them together. 
 Back view.
Inside edge
I will add a button so I could slip a ribbon loop over to keep it shut.

Finished diary cover.

These are so easy to make that you can cover any book with this method. Great for Christmas presents you can find fabric just for that special person and cover them a diary or notebook.

One idea for Christmas.......

Thanks for stopping by ............. See you soon

Keep sewing

Sunday, 3 November 2013

October's block for quilts around the world

October's block is called "Scrappy Granny Square Quilt Block" and this was made for the Queen Bee that live in Tucson Arizona .
The criteria was bright colours with a white background and boarded in a solid colour. We could choose any 2 main colours and then have shades of those colour to make up the block. Again the block finished as to be 12.5 inches square.
The reason mine is doubled sashed (boarded) is I did not have enough blue fabric to make a wide boarder so I added the red. Which the Queen Bee loves and the block is very different from the others I have seen.
but this is the fun of doing a quilt from around the world each block will be so different.
I have never made a block like this and it was fun. So far all but one block is new to me and I have learn so much while taking part in quilts fro around the world.
Thank you for stopping by ...... see you soon.....
Keep sewing .........

Friday, 1 November 2013

September's block for quilts around the world.

Septembers block was made for Queen Bee who lives in Oregon USA.
She asked for a block which is referred to as a "Slab Block". its a bit like log cabin with its solid colour in the centre but you don't stick with the same size of strips to make this block.
The criteria was bright colours with a white block somewhere in the middle. The size and lay out of the block was up to us, as long as the overall size measures 12.5 inches square.
So off I went designing the lay out and strip sizes, then I looked for fabric, loved the owl fabric so I just had to add some. As it turns out the Queen Bee loves Owls too... win win...
I have never made this block before. It was fun and I can't wait to see the finished quilt.
Thanks for stopping by  and I shall see you sooon
keep sewing  

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween

 Halloween, my favourite time of the year.
I have made my door an Autumn / Halloween wreath. I am so pleased with it that I may keep it hanging up in the cabin all year. 
 This was so easy to make, I am going to make a small wreath for Christmas.
 ( over at Threadbias I am doing a Christmas decoration swap in November. But I shall tell you more later.)
My Wreath, this is how it started, First I got a polystyrene ring and then I wrapped it in garden twine.

Then I added maple leaves that my parents got me, when they were in America.( I just love the colour and the shape.)
Then I made some flowers using Autumn coloured fabric and added Halloween buttons.

I choose three fabric pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and attached them all by pins. This way I can add more or change the style.
Now it is hanging up above my front door.
I have so many things to tell you still but I need to bake cupcakes for our Halloween Party tomorrow night. My two nieces are down at my parents and we are having a under 4 years old party. Should be fun.... I have my witches hat  and lots of pumpkins.
Happy Halloween and I shall see you all soon,
 thank-you for stopping by........... keep sewing . 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Welcome back!!!!!
I have been busy with family and chores. We have put up a new fence to keep the girls in and the foxes out. Then I wanted to re-paint the kitchen. It was red but now its creamy brown its nicer that it sounds. Next is the Pantry I want to re-paint and tidy up the shelves, I do need to go to Ikea for storage jars, so I may go Friday with my mum or I may go Saturday!!!
The girls have started moulting so Autumn is here. Which brings me nicely to my ever lasting Pumpkin Patch.
I love Halloween its my Favourite time of the year, I'm not sure why!!! I love the colours and pumpkins and squashes. And the fun of Halloween..
So as pumpkins over here are only around for a short time, I decided to make some that will be here forever. I have been looking for white pumpkins but they are hard to come across in England, we have lots and lots of orange ones. So I decided to crochet myself some white ones. Then I crochet some orange and made some fabric ones using Autumn fabric.
Next I am doing a Autumn Wreath for my front door.
Thank you for stopping by ...... see you sooooonnnn
I have lots to tell you all about Keep Sewing...............

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Red work

I have just started doing some Redwork, I did a 3 hour workshop at the beginning of August and loved it.
I have a lovely book called Redwork Winter Twittering's by Pearl Louise Krush and I have wanted to start some of the projects for ages but have always thought them to be a bit hard/ complicated. But once you draw the picture out and start its fine....
Probably first time nervous????? You know how it is you want to start something new but keep think, what if, what if and for some reason you expect it to be right first time. 
Which it is not and you start getting annoyed with yourself, then you give yourself a good talking too, relax and start again.  And what do you know it works better.
So here it is, the picture is Christmas themed, with ... yes you guessed it has a  snowman, it would not be Christmas/ winter without a snowman. If I have not told you before I love snowmen, and everything to do with snowmen. To me snowmen are winter/ Christmas/ fun. I just love them!!!!! Strange but true!!

I am only a bit way through but slow and steady wins the race. The stitches I have done so far are Stem Stitch, backstitch, running stitch and French knots and rosebuds for his buttons.

As I progress I shall show you updates. I have also joined a Autumn Stitch Club over at Wild Olive, every Monday until November  Mollie will be sending a new pattern for us to embroider onto hexagons..... 1 inch hexagons.

 This weeks pattern in for a scarecrow, so all I need to do today in down load the pattern, start cutting out my hexagons and have them ready for tomorrow as I am off to London by train so I have my train project ready to do. Can't wait.

I will show you that progress too.

Thanks for stopping by........ see you soon......

And oh if you want to take part in the Autumn Stitching Club the address is;

Keep sewing


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Chicken basket cover

My little sister was surfing the internet from her sick bed the other month and found a chicken basket cover for your bread rolls.
She instantly fell in love with it and sent me an email, requesting I make it for her as she is ill in bed and it would cheer her up. And as we have been on our bread course and we both have been making rolls and pitta bread she could use it to cover them. And as her birthday was coming up and it would be the perfect gift. The list of why I should making it for her went on and on, finishing at I am your only little sister our middle sister is your only middle sister and when she see it she will want one so really you could make us one each!!!!!
How could I say no to the list of "why you should ".
I went on "Diary of a Crafty Lady" blog and found the instructions. I used the template for my hen doorstop and I used the same fabric.
Under one of the wings I made a pocket opening so you can put your hand in to retrieve a roll out of the basket. 
When I gave her, her chicken basket cover for her rolls, the first thing she asked was will it fit on my head!!!!!!! Charming................. I know what's coming next.... Can you make one for my head and all the reasons why!!
Needless to say she loved it and is using it as I write this. But I think her two little girls have their eyes on it and want it for themselves.
So thank-you Diary of a craft lady for posting it on your blog. It has made my little sister very happy, my middle sister has not seen it yet as she is living in Malaysia at the moment but is back visiting very soon, So that could all change.
Thanks for stopping by, hopefully it may have inspired you to have a go at making one....
See you soon and keep sewing.......

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Door stops

We have been making Doorstops!!!!!!!!!
Meet the family, we have 2 robots, 1 rabbit and a hen.

And not forgetting our mouse the paperweight.
I got a wonderful book for my birthday all about Doorstops. So I decided to make some.
large robot and small robot.
Rabbit and Hen.
The patterns have to be enlarge to the size you require, which is helpful because some doorstops I have seen are lovely but very big and I would be tripping over them.
I shall be making more, because I just love them, soon my cabin / house will be full of fabric chickens, cube cats, doorstops and paperweights.
Halloween is in 66 days time so I could make a doorstop for that!!!!!!!! I wonder what I could make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch this space ................
Thank you for stopping by........ See you soon and enjoy the last few days of sunny August.
Keep sewing............

Sunday, 25 August 2013

My August Peg Bag swap

As some of you know I have been organising a swap for August over at Threadbias.
I decide to make peg bags to add a bit of sparkle to wash days. So far I have made peg bags for my mum, little sister, my little niece and me.
 Now I have made this one for my swap partner, who lives in America.

The fabric I have used is from The Henley studio. The back of the peg bag is Wash day Irons.

And the front top is Pegs ( well it is for peg bags) and the bottom part is wash days utility room.

I just love these fabrics, they are such fun.

I took the pictures under the summer umbrella because it was raining!!!!! Well it is Britain and our summers are part sun part rain. Hopefully it will be lots of sun for my swap partner so the peg bag will get lots of use.

I shall post a picture of my peg bag I receive from my swap partner when it arrives.

Thanks for stopping by....... hope you are all have a great summer,
See you soon and keep sewing.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

August's quilt block for quilts around the world.

The block requested from the August Queen Bee was the Japanese + and x block.
I have never made this block before, so I was excited to try something new. All the blocks I have made so far are blocks I have never made, this is why its such fun to sew with people around the world, you get to try something new very month!!!!!!
 The instruction were some great scrappy print or text fabric, bright or neutral colours but no pastels.
So off I went to my trays and trays of fabric to look for text fabric to start then bright print fabric. And here we have it......
These are my fabric choices, I have cut out into my pattern pieces.
I have 4; 5.5 x 5.5 inch squares
8; 3.5 x 3.5 inch squares
4; 2.5 x 3.5 inch rectangles
2; 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares
1; 2.5 x 6.5 inch rectangle
Then I made the corner squares and joined the rectangles to the squares. Finished bits to other bits. 
Joined them altogether and finished block.
The pattern instructions came from if you fancy having ago.
This was such a fun block to put together, the longest part was cutting the pieces out.
Just can't wait for Septembers block now.... Soooon be my turn!!! well January will be here soon.!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by............... see you soon
Keep sewing...

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Updates on Things

Hi guys, hope you are all well. Lots have been happening here at the cabin! Where do I start.........
Well at this very moment I am in my kitchen making Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam. While this is reaching Boiling point / setting, I thought I would write an update on things.

Well summer arrived and went for a few days, we have rain!!!! but next week it is warming up. The girls ( my chickens) did not like the heat, it became too hot for them. So I took them out the front of the big house were it is cooler in the afternoon to cool down. And they love it out there.

I have August's quilt block to do for quilts from around the world, the block is called X and +, I will show you more when I am making it.
The peg bag swap is well underway, two ladies have finished theirs and are waiting for the posting out day to arrive. I need to show you mine too.

I have been making more tea towel aprons, just need to attach pockets and ties, will show you them too.

Oh and I have some new doorstops and a Chicken basket cover, to show you.

And I have done two classes this summer,  fabric box making and red work.

I have started crocheting a ponchos for my nieces the smaller on is half complete just need to put it together and add the edging. Yes I need to show you that too.

Well I need to go now to test for set on the jam and then jarring up.
At the weekend I am off to Canterbury and then off to see my honey bees. I am waiting for two of my hives to produce Queens so fingers crossed.

I shall see you all after the weekend with lots of things to show and finish.

Thank for stopping by, see you soon.............

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tote bag Swap with a Theme.

This was the swap for June over at Threadbias I took part in; 
Travel Themed Tote Bag.
The only "rule" was that the bags must be designed with a travel theme.  This was to be a partnered swap, in which you will know who your partner is. When partners are assigned you communicate to your swap partner what country, vacation activity, resort or travel theme you would like, and anything else you think they should know such as " I like the colour blue"  Pick 3 choices- so that they have some leeway according to what they may have in their stash.
So, for example- I might say I'd like a Beach, British or Mountains theme- then my swap partner comes up with a tote bag that incorporates one** of those three themes:
a Beach idea could include  beach umbrellas, beach balls, flip flops, ice cream, or maybe just cool blue water with fish!
British theme might be a Union Jack, tea cups, corgis, or the Beatles or Dr. Who...
The mountains -think cabins, lakes, fishing, or perhaps you might make a traditional quilt block with a mountain theme.
 My swap partner was from America and like a theme bag to represent travelling. So I looked at her pinterest boards and came up with a traveling Europe bag.
My choice of bag was " I don't mind surprise me". So off to work we went. I had so much fun making this bag, but I was a bit worried I made it too big!
So here is the bag I made for my swap partner;
 Here we have a lighthouse to guide you on your travels, off to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, then off to  the beach to relax and then to Holland to see the Dutch Windmills. Pinwheel design is to represent windmills.
Then we travel to London, back across the sea, over to Greece for some Olives and back to France for relaxing in a café enjoying the sights.
This is mine from my swap partner and is represents all my friends from around the world and I love it.
Oh mine was not too big either, my swap partner loved it!!!!!

We all had such fun making bags for each other. To see all the bags made pop over to Threadbias.

Thanks for stopping by........ See you Sooonnn

Keep sewing !!!!!