Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tote bag Swap with a Theme.

This was the swap for June over at Threadbias I took part in; 
Travel Themed Tote Bag.
The only "rule" was that the bags must be designed with a travel theme.  This was to be a partnered swap, in which you will know who your partner is. When partners are assigned you communicate to your swap partner what country, vacation activity, resort or travel theme you would like, and anything else you think they should know such as " I like the colour blue"  Pick 3 choices- so that they have some leeway according to what they may have in their stash.
So, for example- I might say I'd like a Beach, British or Mountains theme- then my swap partner comes up with a tote bag that incorporates one** of those three themes:
a Beach idea could include  beach umbrellas, beach balls, flip flops, ice cream, or maybe just cool blue water with fish!
British theme might be a Union Jack, tea cups, corgis, or the Beatles or Dr. Who...
The mountains -think cabins, lakes, fishing, or perhaps you might make a traditional quilt block with a mountain theme.
 My swap partner was from America and like a theme bag to represent travelling. So I looked at her pinterest boards and came up with a traveling Europe bag.
My choice of bag was " I don't mind surprise me". So off to work we went. I had so much fun making this bag, but I was a bit worried I made it too big!
So here is the bag I made for my swap partner;
 Here we have a lighthouse to guide you on your travels, off to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, then off to  the beach to relax and then to Holland to see the Dutch Windmills. Pinwheel design is to represent windmills.
Then we travel to London, back across the sea, over to Greece for some Olives and back to France for relaxing in a café enjoying the sights.
This is mine from my swap partner and is represents all my friends from around the world and I love it.
Oh mine was not too big either, my swap partner loved it!!!!!

We all had such fun making bags for each other. To see all the bags made pop over to Threadbias.

Thanks for stopping by........ See you Sooonnn

Keep sewing !!!!!

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