Saturday, 23 February 2013

Easter Egg Hunt !!! part two...

Well after mastering the"Crochet Easter Egg", I started on the" Fabric Egg "

I started by Googling again and even watched a Martha Stewart Tutorial. And I looked for books at the library, unsuccessful again.
( may be I should write a book, I would include fabric and crochet Easter Eggs, crochet chickens and another thing I can't find,????)

Well there were a few mishaps along the way, my Fabric Eggs started to look square I'll shall show you what I mean........

Very fabric dependant, a bit like clothes shopping, it looked good on the hanger not so good on the body........
Love the fabric and colour but the fabric and colour does not love you back!!!!! We have all been there...........................!

Again I used that horrible stuffing and the eggs had lumps and bumps, good for Halloween, not so good for Easter.

Well I tried out some egg templates, and what can I say............ they did not look like eggs even with the good stuffing.( I have been at this since Tuesday night, straight after I finished the crochet eggs).

Good ones and not so good one!!

I found that if you curve the top and bottom  of the patterns you get a better looking egg. Here are the patterns I found and loved (again just remember to curve the top and bottom and use the poly-fill type stuffing)

Martha Stewart for the tutorial.

Retro mama.

Sweet Little Pretties.

 I made an Egg from the template in a book called Crafting Springtime Gifts by Tilda.

I made it in London Building fabric and it looks like a Christmas decoration, so it may go away for Christmas.

Here it is, what do you guys think?????? I'm still getting Christmas decoration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy sewing and good luck with the Easter Eggs, these take a little longer than the crochet ones, but still worth it. I shall be making more for my Easter Tree and garlands. Well off I go to find a nice crochet chicken!!!!!!

See you soon and thanks for stopping by....... Oh if any one knows of a good chicken pattern please let me know.....cheers.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Easter Egg Hunt!!!!! part one.....

This is not your ordinary "Easter Egg Hunt".

This is a hunt for "How to make; Crochet Easter Eggs and Fabric Easter Eggs"

So I started by Googling; well there are lots of fabulous crochet and fabric Easter Eggs in this world and I take my hat off to you all. Such clever people.

I decided I would start with Crochet Eggs first; now its been along time since I have crocheted. About six months or so, now to me that is a long time. My quilting and patchwork have taken over abit.

So my search for the Crochet Easter Egg, took me to many different web sites and I even went hunting at my local library for books. I do like a good book. But I could not find one, I did not leave empty handed thou; I did get  some books......... just not crocheted ones!

I tried a few patterns out and "Oh my" they were not good, partly me being rusty with the crochet hook and partly the patterns.

First attempted a bit rusty with a hook and sizing is a bit off!!

Then came the stuffing of the Easter Egg, everyone was saying use poly-fill or ploy stuffing, but I had a cotton based stuffing, so I tried that..... well.... it just did not work!! the eggs took on a shape all of their own, lots of bumps a few just looked like badly made balls, rugby balls at that!!! Not Good!

So kept looking for a pattern I like and "what do you know", I found one, in fact I found 2, its taken a whole weekend and lots of odd shaped eggs being made and taken a part and I went out on Tuesday to buy the correct stuffing because the one I had was horrible ( I never knew I could hate this toy stuffing soooo much!!) But I made some nice shaped eggs.

The patterns I love and found easy to follow are from;
( yes I love these patterns and there are two.  So you can have small and large eggs) 

Craft Passion; Mini Amigurumi Easter Eggs.

Mom on Time out; Crochet Easter Eggs.

I used a crochet hook size 3.00 and double knit wool but you can use any hook or wool and don't forget to stuff the eggs with a poly-fill type stuffing, it really works the eggs look like eggs.

They make up very quickly too, which is a good job really, Easter will be here soon and I need more for my Easter Tree and garlands.

Next hunt is for a nice crochet chicken !!!!!!!!! but fabric eggs first..

Happy crocheting  and thanks for stopping by,.....

Tomorrow the Easter Egg Hunt continues with the Hunt for the "Fabric Egg"

See you soon.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Scrappy Quilt.

I'm two weeks into my new Scrappy Quilt with my Tuesday afternoon class.

The idea is I use some of my old fabric and scraps ( old bits left from other quilts I have made) its a sound idea and understandable, I can do that! I think!...... I said to myself.

Then I thought perhaps I could do half scrap and half ??????????????? Oh gosh I'm a fabric addict, I went and brought some new fabric not a lot, just 3 0r 4 fat quarters to start with then by the time I started laying it all out, I realised I brought 6 plain colours (only fat quarters, no much..... really) and 5 new patterned fat quarters. But I have  6 fat quarters  from my stash, so not to bad!!!!

But in my defence I am half way through a Flower Quilt that is all made from Scraps, so technically I was running out of Scraps. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Anyway the Scrappy Quilt, this is made up of 14 patterned blocks 9x9 inches and 10 plain blocks 9x9 inches and 4 long boarders with patterned blocks in each corner.

The plain blocks will have applique' flowers( I think..I may change my mind as I am thinking "cake" possibly cupcakes, with tea pots and teacups............... maybe..............)

Well I got a bit carried away, the patterned blocks are made up of nine 3x3 inch blocks in different fabric and I only meant to cut out 126 small blocks which would give me 14 blocks but I have cut out lots more, so far I have sewn 189 of the blocks in strips of three and I still have quite a bit cut out.

This will give me 21 patterned blocks................ Oh well the quilt is growing to a size of its own and I am only two weeks in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This may mean I need some more plain fabric ...........mmmmmmmmmmmmmm every cloud has a silver lining.

Then I need to start thinking about the backing fabric and the wadding. Well the wadding is easy, but the backing fabric, other fabric outing..... Oh my.!!!! What will people say!

                                                                     Bits left over

I will keep you up dated with my progress and the size...

 I am thinking about Easter, what to make; bowls, garlands, wall hangings, table runner.............. Fabric Easter Eggs for my Easter tree, I need to Google and go to the library this weekend I  think.  I have way too much thinking space in my head...............

Thanks for stopping by.......... Keep sewing........

See you soon..............

Hooray!!!!!!! the envelope was a mistake!!!!!!!!!

I have just received an e-mail from the organiser of the "Mystery Swap" to let me know there was a typo with the size. It's not 12x 5 it's 12x 15.

So that means is A4 size HOORAY!!!!!!!! I'm the happiest girl alive! Well probably not, as it is Valentines Day. But in my world (me, 3 chickens and a cat, at this time of the day) I am.

So I can think "BIG", Mystery swap here I come, start thinking big......... Hooray!!!

Thanks for stopping by.................... Keep sewing ..................

See you soon!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

" I Spy" Charm swap

I have joined another group on Threadbias, this one is slightly different. It is called "I spy" charm swap. The group has 12 member and we are all required to send to Rebecca , twelve 5 inch squares in eight different fabrics.

Then Rebecca will sort out all the fabric and send you back 96 different squares of fabric. One square from each fabric. Pretty cool.. really, as I will be getting fabric that will be different from what I can get here.

 Its so nice seeing and using fabric from different countries. It just makes it one of a kind, well in our case twelve of a kind. Very limited edition.

 I am the only one from England and I know there is one from Germany, Rebbecca from America but I am not sure of the other nine. So its exciting to see what will can back.

Then we start to make our own "I spy" quilt. I shall make this one for one of my nieces, but I am not sure what one, as I have four. So I may have to make four.

Once the fabric arrives back I shall share it with you all....

Thanks for stoppping by.......... keep sewing.....

See you soon.

Oh let me know if you  have ever made a "I spy " quilt, as I would love to see pictures.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Just found out the envelope size........................

I have just Googled the size and its half the size of a A4 envelope.................... I'm in shock I thought it would be bigger. Never mind I will just have to pack everything up small.

See you soon ...... Keep sewing....................

Mystery Swap Partner......Just found out!!!!!!


I have just found out about my Mystery Swap partner !!!!!! Can you guess where they live!!!!

You got!!!!! "Australia"

Here is a bit of info about my swap partner; She lives in Queensland, she loves bright colours and loves Amy Butler and Heather Bailey type prints and anything homemade.

Now the fun bit starts............. What to make!!!!!!

Well I'm thinking, bag, pin cushion, table mats, coasters, needle case,  book cover, sewing bag, all of the above or Bag plus pin cushion and needle case!!!! Or apron, oven gloves, purse, oh the list goes on  and on.

 I'm thinking a bag to put her sewing in, a pin cushion for her pins while she is  out and about sewing and a case for her needles. Because everyone takes sewing out with them????

Don't they!!!!!!

But this is still the planning stage it could all change. Next part is the fabric, where to start.

I have just looked up Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabric and it reminds me of Kaffe Fassett fabric especially his flowers. I need to go fabric hunting first, there is lots of bold prints out there. I am going to see Amy and Heather's fabric first and go from there...... Sounds like a plan is forming. I do love it when things start coming together.

I shall give myself a week to choose the fabric, well may be two weeks!

Then I will have a better idea what to make, as I need to look at the size envelop as well, 12x 5!!!!!! I'm going to Google it, in a minute. As I have just measured a A4 envelope which I thought was the right size and its larger.... So i need to know what it looks like..... I hope its big  or I will have to scale down my ideas......................................

Well I'm off to Google the envelope and I shall let you know what I  decide to make.

See you soon and thanks for stopping by......... keep sewing ......................

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Quilt from around the world.

Over at Threadbias, I have joined a "New bee Quilt" group,each group is called a Hive followed by a number. I am in Hive 3 and there is a waiting list to start Hive 4. Once there is twelve people to take part it will be up and running. The person who is running the groups (our leader) is Angela from Allpatchedup, she over see the running and helps each one of us monthly to decide on our block and looking for a tutorial or making a tutorial for our block. 

How does it work I heard you ask!!!!......... well each month we have a different Queen Bee. Her role within the group is to tell the other member's what quilt block they require us to make for them. So by the end of the month they will have received 11 blocks from around the world. ( If the world is taking part) In Hive 3 there are 9 people from America, 2 from England and 1 from Australia. 

All Queen's are asked to post the info for their block one week before the month begins, this includes where you can find a tutorial for the block if you are unfamiliar with there request, colours they require and a time for when the blocks needed to be posted out, such as the last week in the month. But this is not carved in stone, so once its done you can send it.

So the first week of the new month the Queen receives 12 blocks plus her one she has made. Then she puts them together and creates  a quilt top from around the world ( as I am calling it.) all that is needed next is to quilt the blocks and make into a quilt.

As all the ladies in my group make their quilts by sewing machine ( very clever and brave ladies) theirs' will be made before mine. As I am not so brave and make my quilts by hand. But never mind this is not a race.

I get to be Queen bee in January 2014.

I have finished my first block and sent it to our Queen Bee in America on Friday. The block she asked for was called "Stepping Stone" and the colours were; Pink solids for the square's (steps) and then cheerful blocks in pinks, purples, yellow, aquas, blues, and greens.

 Now I have to wait for two weeks before we receive our next assignment from our next Queen. All good fun.......

I have also taken part in a mystery swap, which to start you are required to chose a size envelop either small 6 x 11 or large 12 x 5 you would like to receive.  Then wait for the swap partners to be allocated, which happens today, then you have to make a gift they can use which will fit into the size envelop they have asked for. Total mystery........

The only hints you will find from the group is when they start making comments on what they are making and how it is all going. This then gets sent out the first week in April 2013. When we have completed our mystery gift we post pictures so the rest of the group can see what we all have done and then is waiting for the post to arrive. All good fun!!!!!!!

So once I have my swap partner I shall let you know what I am making.......

Thanks for stopping by........... keep sewing.............

See you soon.......

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Christmas Qwillow.

I have been making a qwillow over the last few months and I thought I would share my progress with you all.
I keep showing you finished bits and thought it would be nice to show you an on-going project which I am hoping to finish soon.
For those of you that are unsure of what a qwillow is; its a quilt that folds into a pillow. As on the back of the quilt is a pocket that after correct folding the quilt will tuck in. ( Hopefully!!!!)
Like the beach bags that fold out to be towels in the summer.
All I need to do now is make the back pocket, attach the pocket in the correct place and then edge the quilt. Not much really.
The pocket is a block called Dahlia. This block has lots of curves and can be a little fiddly to make. ( Or it could just be me finding it fiddly) I thought I would show the the progress on this block also.
The center will be from the snowman material. I have not cut the circle out yet because I am not sure of the size, once I put it together I will have a better idea. 
The method used to make this quilt, is "quilt as you go".  Which means I make all my blocks to start, (but you can make a few) as I like to get all the preparation and sewing of the blocks done first then I make a quilt sandwich. This is the top block trimmed to 12 1/4 inches then I cut my backing fabric 15 inches square and the same with my wadding ( batting). Then with the backing material right side down (wrong side facing up), I lay on the wadding and place the block rightside facing up on top. Then I tack in to place starting in the middle working out, continuing this until I have formed a grid. This way everything is nice and secure. Decide what I want to quilt, in this case I quilted large holly leaves.
Once all twelves squares were quilted I put in the correct order and then started to sew the quilt together.
(I will have to show you this stage next time I put one of my quilts together as it is easier to see by pictures. I am working on another quilt so it should not be long.)
The blocks I used for this quilt was;
Starting from the top left;  Star, North Winds, Star within a star, Christmas Wreath, Father Christmas, Snowflake, Flickering Candles, Christmas Tree, and Stitched Heart.
Once it is finished I shall show you the finished quilt and show how it looks as a pillow.
 I have more bits on the go...... quilts ( lots of quilts), pillowcase covers, bags, pincushions. I have been collecting halloween material for about two years, as I want to make a quilt. So I am hoping I can start it this year.
But I have joined more groups on Threadbias and have lots to make and do there as well as a class I go to every Tuesday afternoon. Which I have just started a scrappy quilt as well. Lots to sew.....
Well I better go, I need to proof read a dissertation for someone and carry on with this block. The dissertation is a welcome break as the block is driving me round the bend, but I shall finish by tonight as I don't think I want to do it tomorrow.!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by....... Keep sewing
See you soon.