Saturday, 23 February 2013

Easter Egg Hunt !!! part two...

Well after mastering the"Crochet Easter Egg", I started on the" Fabric Egg "

I started by Googling again and even watched a Martha Stewart Tutorial. And I looked for books at the library, unsuccessful again.
( may be I should write a book, I would include fabric and crochet Easter Eggs, crochet chickens and another thing I can't find,????)

Well there were a few mishaps along the way, my Fabric Eggs started to look square I'll shall show you what I mean........

Very fabric dependant, a bit like clothes shopping, it looked good on the hanger not so good on the body........
Love the fabric and colour but the fabric and colour does not love you back!!!!! We have all been there...........................!

Again I used that horrible stuffing and the eggs had lumps and bumps, good for Halloween, not so good for Easter.

Well I tried out some egg templates, and what can I say............ they did not look like eggs even with the good stuffing.( I have been at this since Tuesday night, straight after I finished the crochet eggs).

Good ones and not so good one!!

I found that if you curve the top and bottom  of the patterns you get a better looking egg. Here are the patterns I found and loved (again just remember to curve the top and bottom and use the poly-fill type stuffing)

Martha Stewart for the tutorial.

Retro mama.

Sweet Little Pretties.

 I made an Egg from the template in a book called Crafting Springtime Gifts by Tilda.

I made it in London Building fabric and it looks like a Christmas decoration, so it may go away for Christmas.

Here it is, what do you guys think?????? I'm still getting Christmas decoration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy sewing and good luck with the Easter Eggs, these take a little longer than the crochet ones, but still worth it. I shall be making more for my Easter Tree and garlands. Well off I go to find a nice crochet chicken!!!!!!

See you soon and thanks for stopping by....... Oh if any one knows of a good chicken pattern please let me know.....cheers.

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