Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween

 Halloween, my favourite time of the year.
I have made my door an Autumn / Halloween wreath. I am so pleased with it that I may keep it hanging up in the cabin all year. 
 This was so easy to make, I am going to make a small wreath for Christmas.
 ( over at Threadbias I am doing a Christmas decoration swap in November. But I shall tell you more later.)
My Wreath, this is how it started, First I got a polystyrene ring and then I wrapped it in garden twine.

Then I added maple leaves that my parents got me, when they were in America.( I just love the colour and the shape.)
Then I made some flowers using Autumn coloured fabric and added Halloween buttons.

I choose three fabric pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and attached them all by pins. This way I can add more or change the style.
Now it is hanging up above my front door.
I have so many things to tell you still but I need to bake cupcakes for our Halloween Party tomorrow night. My two nieces are down at my parents and we are having a under 4 years old party. Should be fun.... I have my witches hat  and lots of pumpkins.
Happy Halloween and I shall see you all soon,
 thank-you for stopping by........... keep sewing . 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Welcome back!!!!!
I have been busy with family and chores. We have put up a new fence to keep the girls in and the foxes out. Then I wanted to re-paint the kitchen. It was red but now its creamy brown its nicer that it sounds. Next is the Pantry I want to re-paint and tidy up the shelves, I do need to go to Ikea for storage jars, so I may go Friday with my mum or I may go Saturday!!!
The girls have started moulting so Autumn is here. Which brings me nicely to my ever lasting Pumpkin Patch.
I love Halloween its my Favourite time of the year, I'm not sure why!!! I love the colours and pumpkins and squashes. And the fun of Halloween..
So as pumpkins over here are only around for a short time, I decided to make some that will be here forever. I have been looking for white pumpkins but they are hard to come across in England, we have lots and lots of orange ones. So I decided to crochet myself some white ones. Then I crochet some orange and made some fabric ones using Autumn fabric.
Next I am doing a Autumn Wreath for my front door.
Thank you for stopping by ...... see you sooooonnnn
I have lots to tell you all about Keep Sewing...............