Thursday, 21 March 2013

Moths Attack!!!!!!

I am going to tell you a story;

Once upon a time there was a lovely dark grey suit. It had a good life went to the city weekly, toured the countryside monthly and generally enjoy it's self.

Went off to the cleaners regularly and did not have a hard life. Then one day it came out of the closet...... and to its horror it had 2 moth holes.

Yes! 2 moth holes on its shoulder and the poor suit had to be retired to the giant suit closet in the sky...........The End.................

I have a moth problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well my clothes do...... moths have taken a fancy to them and now I need the moths to leave. My sister used to have the same problem. She solved her with moth balls and other chemicals. Now what should I use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the smell of moth balls, weird I know but I do. Unfortunately not everyone in my house does, well to be honest no one does.

So off I went to look in my 1001 natural remedies book to found out what I could do to get rid of them. As they are in the bedroom and I don't want too many chemicals in the room.

I decided to make Lavender Hearts. There were lots of herbs I could use, thyme, mint, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender. But I decided on lavender as I have a lot drying in the airing cupboard.

In my garden I have a lot of lavender plants, as a bee keeper I grow lots of flowering plants for the bees. I have one very large lavender bush that I keep a check daily during the spring and summer months. It attracts hundred's of honey bees and this bush works as a weather indicator. I know when it is going to be hot and sunny for a few days, the bees are more relaxed and collect the honey leisurely  and I know when the weather is going to turn, as the bees turn up early in their hundred's and work like there is no tomorrow.

And I do love the smell of lavender. Also it is meant to help you sleep so its a win, win. Moths leave; I sleep!

So Lavender Hearts, I decided that I would use some of my scraps and sew them together to make a patchwork piece of fabric and then cut my hearts out. This way I get to use up some of my odd bits and make pretty patchwork heart also.

Once I joined the fabric and cut the hearts out, I placed them right sides together and stitched all the way round leaving any opening to turn right side out and fill with lavender.

Then I stitched the opening up using a slip stitch added ribbon for hanging and now they are ready to fight the war against the moths.

Rest in peace little grey suit......................................

I shall let you know if they work; hopefully I should see the moths leaving but they may stay a bit longer as the weather man has just told us we may be getting more snow at the weekend!!!!! I thought spring was coming! I guess that's what you get for wishing it was spring. Oh well should not complain it could be raining like last year.........................

Thanks for stopping by ...... hopefully this helps you if your fighting a war against moths too............

See you soon and keep sewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Saw Tooth Star quilt block- Hive 3

As you know this months block was Saw Tooth or North Star. The colours were Red any shade and Blue any shade. With a grey solid background.

I choose my fabrics,

Then cut out all my squares and  triangle;

 and made my star. I enjoy making this block its American Block Piecing, which I do love.

I have made quite a lot of star blocks over the year, so perhaps for my quilt  from around the world I'll ask for stars!! I won't decide yet, as I don't get to be Queen Bee until January 2014. So plenty of time.

I sent by block off to America on Monday so it should be there in time for Easter.

Next week I'll find out what we are making for April. I can't wait.......

Thanks for stopping by................. see you soon...........................................keep sewing...

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Chickens!!!!! Fabric ones!!!!!!!!

I wanted to make some fabric chickens, so off I went googling again. I do this quite alot when things pop into my head. If I'm out and this happens you can always find me in the local library..........

Anyway off I go chatting about this, that and the other....

CHICKENS that is what I wanted to make last Sunday on Mothers Day. So I googled and found lots of fabric Chickens. And I mean lots.

I found a pattern, try it out and it was just what I wanted. So I made 15 fabric Chickens.

Yes I mean 15 all different sizes and colours. I will probably make more as they were such fun. I am going to call them my Triangle Chickens as they are triangle looking but very cute.

Here are 11 fabric chickens

They were so easy to make and you can make them in any size you wish. Just remember that they start life off as a square. All sides equal length.

I have made a large doorstop chicken too.

Here is how you make a Triangle Chicken;


Fabric, Felt, Needle, Thread, Pins, Scissors, Rice and Stuffing.

Step One ; Cut a template out of card 10 cm wide and 20cm long.
( You can make any size chicken as long as you remember that what ever the width you have to double the length. My large chicken is 25 cm x 50 cm)

Step Two; Cut your fabric out and cut out the beck and crop from the felt.

Step Three; Place the beck and crop into place and pin. This help when you sew everything together.

Step Four; Fold the fabric over covering the felt bits and sew the right side and across the top. Leaving the left hand side open.

Step Five; Turn right side out. Now we are going to sew the eyes on. You can either use buttons or sew french knots.

French Knots.

Bring the needle up through the fabric and wrap the embroidery thread around the needle 2 or 3 times. Put the needle back into the fabric close to where it originally came up from. Do not go back into the same hole because you will lose the knot.

Step Six; Stuff your chicken with the stuffing and add some rice to help weight it down. If you are making them for small children don't add the rice or buttons.

Step Seven; Pinch the sides down and pin into place. Sew the back up using a slip stitch or ladder stitch.

Step Eight; Place your chicken somewhere it will be admired by everyone.

Now you can make as many as you like as it is Easter soon!!!!!

Thanks for stoppping by and see you soon......................................Keep sewing...................

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Birthday Cake

I thought I would show you the cake my little sister made for the daughter's 3rd birthday party.

Isn't it amazing!!!!!!!!

My sister has been going to cake decorating classes on a Thursday evening at her local collage. First she did cake decorating and now she has progressed on to flower making. At the moment she is making a posy of flowers in class  and she has just finished making Lilly of the Valley.

I shall have to try and get pictures, with out her knowing why as she does not think she is good at it!!!!!!!!Why I don't know??????? I think she is fab and very clever but then she is my sister......

We are both off in June for another cupcake class, called Cupcakes and Flowers. Some how she will be miles ahead of me in the flower department. I can grow them and arrange them and make anything out of them but Make them!!!!!!! out of sugar paste? well that is something else.

But I shall show you the out come. Its set over 2 Saturdays so it will be longer that the Christmas Sugarcraft lesson I went too and loved.

We are also doing a Yeast and Bread making class on 2 Thursday's in June also. As we both want to make bread that lasts longer than one day. As by day two, it is only good for hitting someone on the head if they get on your nervous.... Yep it goes rock hard even the birds walk away in disgust!!!!!

These classes are all done at her local collage...  Such fun I just can't wait.

Thanks for stopping by................ see you soon..................................

Remember every day is a cake day

Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Bag I made for My Mum.

As some of you know it was Mothers Day last Sunday and I decided to make my mum a Shopping Bag.

I have made a few of these bags over the last few months and I still need to make a small bag for one of my nieces' for Easter.
So many things to make and not enough hours in my day.

For my mums bag I used Amy Butler fabric with yellow plain cotton. I made Fabric handles instead of the webbing. I think it looks nicer. 

This is the same material I am using for my swap partner in Australia. And you will be please to know I have decided what I am making and have started. I shall show you the bits I am making later but not the final pieces until I have sent them just in case she is read this blog !!

Well is a mystery swap after all ......................................

Thanks for stopping by...... Keep sewing ...........................

See you soon..

Friday, 15 March 2013

Update on "Swap I Spy Charms"

This is just a quick update, they are on their way home from America. Rebecca sent them out 3 days ago.
So excited, can't wait to see them and show you all.

Will keep you updated......

More Eggs

I used the scraps from my scrappy quilt to make more Easter Eggs. Well they are addictive to make, as you can make them anywhere and they make up quickly and easily too. Plus they are small enough to keep a few in you handbag to make while you are out and about.

As you all know I do like to carry some sewing with me wherever I go.

I am a bit of an addict when it comes to sewing or crafts. If its not fabric, then is wool and a crochet hook or knitting needles. I just have trouble sitting still and doing nothing.

I have been known to sit in pubs knitting, reading, sewing, crocheting when there is a big game on but I do sew and crochet if I am there with friends.  I have even tried to take my sewing to the movies but had my bag searched before leaving the house!!!!!!!! spoilt sports.... Addicted!!!!!!!!!!
This is the start of my Easter makes, I going to make Chickens next !!!

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon .................... Keep sewing....................

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Little girl's Bag and Purse.

I made these for one of my niece's, as it was her birthday and she loves bags and purses.

My sister says that every time they go out, they can't leave the house until her daughter gets her bag and purse. She wouldn't mind but her daughter is only three now.

But her bag is a bit big for her to carry and she keeps tripping up on it . So I made her a smaller bag, with a matching purse.

They are all lined with a pink gingham fabric, as she loves pinks.


The fabric I used is Riley Blake and it is gorgeous.

I am going to make another bag and purse for my other little niece but in different fabric, my sister has two girls. 

These were such fun to make that they may be getting more bags over the coming year. After all "a girl can not have enough bags"...... start them young.... One all ready loves dressing up shoes!!

Thanks for stopping by.......................... keep sewing ..............................

See you soon..

Friday, 8 March 2013

Mystery Swap!!!! Fabric

Here is the fabric for my swap partner in Australia.

This is Amy Butler fabric called Henna Trees. 

My mum likes this fabric, so I brought extra to make her a shopper bag for Mother's Day. Which in England is this Sunday.

Once it is finished I will show you. Its lovely fabric to work with.

Still deciding what to make for my swap partner, I do need to get a wiggle on as I have to send it soon as it has along way to travel.

But I have so many ideas, what I need to do is start working out or should I say write a list of  what I would like to make and then work out the fabric for each item and see what I can get out of half a metre. As that is what I think would fit into a A4 envelope !!!!!!! but I might try to fit a little extra in.

Sound like a plan... Off I go to make my list!!

Thanks for stopping by........ keep sewing and I shall see you soon .......................

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Travelcard Holder.

Here is my very first Travelcard Holder. I am so impressed with myself.

And it was easy to make. 

All you need is a template 8 1/2 inches long by 3 inches wide, some transparency's or acetate ( I used OHP Transparency's as that's all I had.)  two fabrics, ribbon and some interfacing or card. Oh and a button but that is optional.

First I  ironed the interfacing to my lining fabric, then I put both fabric's together. (Right sides facing) and drew around my template.

Then I machined, yes I machined the fabric together leaving a opening to turn right side out.

I then cut the transparency's, slightly smaller than 3 inches, machined the ribbon around the edges. (Well that was an eye opener, never done that before and my word what a job that was!!!!!!!! It took me ages and a lot of naughty words directed at the sewing machine. At one point the chickens left the cabin in total shock at me cursing the sewing machine and did not return until I put the thing away)

Then because of the disagreement with me and the sewing machine, I hand sewed these to the travel wallet. Which was a lot easier and calmer for me...... I felt the tension leave.

Then I added my bow , button and sewed the opening up and  it was finished. My very own travel wallet, all I need to do now is to go on a train and try it out.

If you are going to use card as a strenghthener cut just under 3 inches wide and about 3 - 3 1/2 inches long. Slot into the holder and sew up the opening and complete as above.

Thanks for stopping by................... keep sewing ........................

See you soon ..

Friday, 1 March 2013

New block for Quilt from around the world

Well here is March and Hive 3 has its new 12 inch block to make. This one is called Sawtooth Star and our Queen Bee this Month lives in  Virginia USA.

The colours for this block are red/blue for the star ( any shade) with a medium grey solid from the background. And the sashing is to have stars.

Here is a little bit of history about this block;

This block goes by two names, The North Star and Sawtooth, it's a very traditional block that appears in lots of history books about quilts. It is said to have been used as a signal on the Underground Rail Road during the 1800's. Escaped slaves travelled at night following the North Star, the quilt's other name. If you supported anti-slavery you hung this quilt out during the day and night to let the slaves know you were a safe house. Not much is know about the Underground RailRoad, it was a secert organisation to help escaping slaves.

It is also said that, this block gets it’s name from the triangles that are reminiscent of a saw’s cutting edge.

Once I have choosen my fabric I shall be back to show you, also I should have it all cut out by then too.

See you soon and thank for stopping by.

Keep sewing....