Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Linford Quilt Show.

On Saturday I when to The Community Dump Quilters Exhibition 2012. This was held at Linford Methodist Church East Tilbury Road  Tilbury.

The church itself was lovely and the welcome was warm and inviting. The quilt exhibition was brilliant.

So much work had gone into these quilts. Most were machine pieced and hand quilted.
There were some sewing bags (like the one in my tutorial),  wall hangings, Christmas Advent Calendar's, full double quilts, as well as cot quilts.

I took pictures of the quilts to show you all.
 Hope you enjoy the pictures, I had a great time and they served tea, just how I like it...... Builders Tea!!!!! All the money raised from the teas and coffees when to Whitechapel Mission Charity caring since 1876. They cook breakfast for the homeless everyday.

On December 8th and 9th they are having a Christmas Tree Festival, their trees will be decorated by individuals, schools, charities, church groups etc. Could be worth a look, I love Christmas Trees.
All proceeds from this event is going to St Lukes Hospice.

 Hope you enjoyed the quilt show, these are only a few  pictures of the wonderful quilts.

Let me know if you know of any more quilt exhibitions because I would love to go.

 Cheers and thank- you for poping by.......

Monday, 29 October 2012

Petal Pincushion

Over at Threadbias we are swapping pincushions.

I thought I would let you see the one I made for my swap partner who lives in America. This swap is all done in secret and we post updates and pictures to show everyone in the Threadbias Community how we are doing .

Also you start looking and wondering which one will be yours. Personally they are all fabulous and I would love them all.

You can see all the hard work that has gone into them from fabric selection, to design , putting it together, to finish pincushion. A pure work of art.

If you have a moment to spare pop over to the Threadbias website; www. threadbias.com and see more pincushions for yourself. You never know you my want to open up a studio of your own and join in a swap they are great fun.

The pattern/book I used for my petal pincushion was Bags, Pillows and pincushions by Better Homes and Gardens

 Hope you like my pincushion!!!!!!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sewing bag tutorial.

 You will need three fat quarters for your choice, one for the outside of your bag, one from the edging and one for the lining. You will also need some wadding/ batting.

The fabric requirements are;

 For the outside of your bag cut the fabric 8 1/2 inches wide by 22 inches long.

 For the edging top cut the fabric 3 1/2 inches wide by 22 inches long.

For the lining cut the fabric 8 1/2 inches wide by 22 inches long.

The wadding /batting cut this 20 inches wide and 22 inches long.
Now we are ready to start sewing.

Sew together the edging fabric and the outer fabric. Remember both rightside facing each other.
If you are using a pattern fabric for the outside make sure the patterrn is the right way.

Once you have sew this together do the same with the linning fabric.

Place the wadding on the table and place the sewn fabric on top, with right side facing up.
Fold fabric right sides together, making sure the lining matches the lining, edging matches edging, outer bag matches outer bag.

Mark a 3-4 inch opening on the lining side long edge. ( about an inch in from the edge.)
Sew the seam, except across the opening.

Divide the tube ends into four. Mark with pins.

Fold the peats together and pin. Do this at both ends. ( I have folded this in half to show you both ends.)

Mark the top centre point and cut off the corners.

Fold two corners right sides together and stitch together. Carry on this way until all are sewn together. if you are left with a small hole at the top of the points sew them together.
Then repeat at the other end.

Turn the bag right side out and push the lining into the bag,

 Push all the corners out so the bag is sitting flat using the opening in the lining. Once you are happy the bag looks good pull the lining back out so you can slipstitch the opening shut. push the lining back into the bag. Its finished.......

 Enjoy.... put all your sewing bits and bobs in there and carry around where ever you go.