Sunday, 17 March 2013

Birthday Cake

I thought I would show you the cake my little sister made for the daughter's 3rd birthday party.

Isn't it amazing!!!!!!!!

My sister has been going to cake decorating classes on a Thursday evening at her local collage. First she did cake decorating and now she has progressed on to flower making. At the moment she is making a posy of flowers in class  and she has just finished making Lilly of the Valley.

I shall have to try and get pictures, with out her knowing why as she does not think she is good at it!!!!!!!!Why I don't know??????? I think she is fab and very clever but then she is my sister......

We are both off in June for another cupcake class, called Cupcakes and Flowers. Some how she will be miles ahead of me in the flower department. I can grow them and arrange them and make anything out of them but Make them!!!!!!! out of sugar paste? well that is something else.

But I shall show you the out come. Its set over 2 Saturdays so it will be longer that the Christmas Sugarcraft lesson I went too and loved.

We are also doing a Yeast and Bread making class on 2 Thursday's in June also. As we both want to make bread that lasts longer than one day. As by day two, it is only good for hitting someone on the head if they get on your nervous.... Yep it goes rock hard even the birds walk away in disgust!!!!!

These classes are all done at her local collage...  Such fun I just can't wait.

Thanks for stopping by................ see you soon..................................

Remember every day is a cake day

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