Friday, 8 March 2013

Mystery Swap!!!! Fabric

Here is the fabric for my swap partner in Australia.

This is Amy Butler fabric called Henna Trees. 

My mum likes this fabric, so I brought extra to make her a shopper bag for Mother's Day. Which in England is this Sunday.

Once it is finished I will show you. Its lovely fabric to work with.

Still deciding what to make for my swap partner, I do need to get a wiggle on as I have to send it soon as it has along way to travel.

But I have so many ideas, what I need to do is start working out or should I say write a list of  what I would like to make and then work out the fabric for each item and see what I can get out of half a metre. As that is what I think would fit into a A4 envelope !!!!!!! but I might try to fit a little extra in.

Sound like a plan... Off I go to make my list!!

Thanks for stopping by........ keep sewing and I shall see you soon .......................

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