Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Chickens!!!!! Fabric ones!!!!!!!!

I wanted to make some fabric chickens, so off I went googling again. I do this quite alot when things pop into my head. If I'm out and this happens you can always find me in the local library..........

Anyway off I go chatting about this, that and the other....

CHICKENS that is what I wanted to make last Sunday on Mothers Day. So I googled and found lots of fabric Chickens. And I mean lots.

I found a pattern, try it out and it was just what I wanted. So I made 15 fabric Chickens.

Yes I mean 15 all different sizes and colours. I will probably make more as they were such fun. I am going to call them my Triangle Chickens as they are triangle looking but very cute.

Here are 11 fabric chickens

They were so easy to make and you can make them in any size you wish. Just remember that they start life off as a square. All sides equal length.

I have made a large doorstop chicken too.

Here is how you make a Triangle Chicken;


Fabric, Felt, Needle, Thread, Pins, Scissors, Rice and Stuffing.

Step One ; Cut a template out of card 10 cm wide and 20cm long.
( You can make any size chicken as long as you remember that what ever the width you have to double the length. My large chicken is 25 cm x 50 cm)

Step Two; Cut your fabric out and cut out the beck and crop from the felt.

Step Three; Place the beck and crop into place and pin. This help when you sew everything together.

Step Four; Fold the fabric over covering the felt bits and sew the right side and across the top. Leaving the left hand side open.

Step Five; Turn right side out. Now we are going to sew the eyes on. You can either use buttons or sew french knots.

French Knots.

Bring the needle up through the fabric and wrap the embroidery thread around the needle 2 or 3 times. Put the needle back into the fabric close to where it originally came up from. Do not go back into the same hole because you will lose the knot.

Step Six; Stuff your chicken with the stuffing and add some rice to help weight it down. If you are making them for small children don't add the rice or buttons.

Step Seven; Pinch the sides down and pin into place. Sew the back up using a slip stitch or ladder stitch.

Step Eight; Place your chicken somewhere it will be admired by everyone.

Now you can make as many as you like as it is Easter soon!!!!!

Thanks for stoppping by and see you soon......................................Keep sewing...................