Tuesday, 12 February 2013

" I Spy" Charm swap

I have joined another group on Threadbias, this one is slightly different. It is called "I spy" charm swap. The group has 12 member and we are all required to send to Rebecca , twelve 5 inch squares in eight different fabrics.

Then Rebecca will sort out all the fabric and send you back 96 different squares of fabric. One square from each fabric. Pretty cool.. really, as I will be getting fabric that will be different from what I can get here.

 Its so nice seeing and using fabric from different countries. It just makes it one of a kind, well in our case twelve of a kind. Very limited edition.

 I am the only one from England and I know there is one from Germany, Rebbecca from America but I am not sure of the other nine. So its exciting to see what will can back.

Then we start to make our own "I spy" quilt. I shall make this one for one of my nieces, but I am not sure what one, as I have four. So I may have to make four.

Once the fabric arrives back I shall share it with you all....

Thanks for stoppping by.......... keep sewing.....

See you soon.

Oh let me know if you  have ever made a "I spy " quilt, as I would love to see pictures.

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