Monday, 11 February 2013

Mystery Swap Partner......Just found out!!!!!!


I have just found out about my Mystery Swap partner !!!!!! Can you guess where they live!!!!

You got!!!!! "Australia"

Here is a bit of info about my swap partner; She lives in Queensland, she loves bright colours and loves Amy Butler and Heather Bailey type prints and anything homemade.

Now the fun bit starts............. What to make!!!!!!

Well I'm thinking, bag, pin cushion, table mats, coasters, needle case,  book cover, sewing bag, all of the above or Bag plus pin cushion and needle case!!!! Or apron, oven gloves, purse, oh the list goes on  and on.

 I'm thinking a bag to put her sewing in, a pin cushion for her pins while she is  out and about sewing and a case for her needles. Because everyone takes sewing out with them????

Don't they!!!!!!

But this is still the planning stage it could all change. Next part is the fabric, where to start.

I have just looked up Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabric and it reminds me of Kaffe Fassett fabric especially his flowers. I need to go fabric hunting first, there is lots of bold prints out there. I am going to see Amy and Heather's fabric first and go from there...... Sounds like a plan is forming. I do love it when things start coming together.

I shall give myself a week to choose the fabric, well may be two weeks!

Then I will have a better idea what to make, as I need to look at the size envelop as well, 12x 5!!!!!! I'm going to Google it, in a minute. As I have just measured a A4 envelope which I thought was the right size and its larger.... So i need to know what it looks like..... I hope its big  or I will have to scale down my ideas......................................

Well I'm off to Google the envelope and I shall let you know what I  decide to make.

See you soon and thanks for stopping by......... keep sewing ......................

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