Friday, 22 February 2013

Easter Egg Hunt!!!!! part one.....

This is not your ordinary "Easter Egg Hunt".

This is a hunt for "How to make; Crochet Easter Eggs and Fabric Easter Eggs"

So I started by Googling; well there are lots of fabulous crochet and fabric Easter Eggs in this world and I take my hat off to you all. Such clever people.

I decided I would start with Crochet Eggs first; now its been along time since I have crocheted. About six months or so, now to me that is a long time. My quilting and patchwork have taken over abit.

So my search for the Crochet Easter Egg, took me to many different web sites and I even went hunting at my local library for books. I do like a good book. But I could not find one, I did not leave empty handed thou; I did get  some books......... just not crocheted ones!

I tried a few patterns out and "Oh my" they were not good, partly me being rusty with the crochet hook and partly the patterns.

First attempted a bit rusty with a hook and sizing is a bit off!!

Then came the stuffing of the Easter Egg, everyone was saying use poly-fill or ploy stuffing, but I had a cotton based stuffing, so I tried that..... well.... it just did not work!! the eggs took on a shape all of their own, lots of bumps a few just looked like badly made balls, rugby balls at that!!! Not Good!

So kept looking for a pattern I like and "what do you know", I found one, in fact I found 2, its taken a whole weekend and lots of odd shaped eggs being made and taken a part and I went out on Tuesday to buy the correct stuffing because the one I had was horrible ( I never knew I could hate this toy stuffing soooo much!!) But I made some nice shaped eggs.

The patterns I love and found easy to follow are from;
( yes I love these patterns and there are two.  So you can have small and large eggs) 

Craft Passion; Mini Amigurumi Easter Eggs.

Mom on Time out; Crochet Easter Eggs.

I used a crochet hook size 3.00 and double knit wool but you can use any hook or wool and don't forget to stuff the eggs with a poly-fill type stuffing, it really works the eggs look like eggs.

They make up very quickly too, which is a good job really, Easter will be here soon and I need more for my Easter Tree and garlands.

Next hunt is for a nice crochet chicken !!!!!!!!! but fabric eggs first..

Happy crocheting  and thanks for stopping by,.....

Tomorrow the Easter Egg Hunt continues with the Hunt for the "Fabric Egg"

See you soon.

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