Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer Cupcakes

Summer is officially here....
And to celebrate this I went on a Summer Cupcake course with my little sister. This was spread out over two Saturdays 9.30 am until 12'o clock.
Our first lesson we made bits to decorate our cakes out of Sugar paste and modelling paste. And our second lesson the following week we made cupcakes and cakes in ice cream cones and decorated them.
Pinwheel cakes as you can see the top one went a bit wrong! but tasted nice.
This is my strawberry one and lace worked cakes in the background.
 Cherries and cream
 Sliced lemon and a flower
 Summer flip flops
Ice cream anyone!!!!! These are the cakes made in ice cream cones, anyone who wants the recipe, just let me know and I shall post.

Sun glasses and lemon.
Flake ice cream.
The next class coming up in the autumn is Halloween..... but this gets busy, a bit like first come first served. So we will see if we can get on.
Once I brought these cakes home the cones went first followed by the rest.
Thanks for stopping by....  See you soon and happy baking.

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