Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Door stops

We have been making Doorstops!!!!!!!!!
Meet the family, we have 2 robots, 1 rabbit and a hen.

And not forgetting our mouse the paperweight.
I got a wonderful book for my birthday all about Doorstops. So I decided to make some.
large robot and small robot.
Rabbit and Hen.
The patterns have to be enlarge to the size you require, which is helpful because some doorstops I have seen are lovely but very big and I would be tripping over them.
I shall be making more, because I just love them, soon my cabin / house will be full of fabric chickens, cube cats, doorstops and paperweights.
Halloween is in 66 days time so I could make a doorstop for that!!!!!!!! I wonder what I could make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch this space ................
Thank you for stopping by........ See you soon and enjoy the last few days of sunny August.
Keep sewing............

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