Thursday, 5 September 2013

Red work

I have just started doing some Redwork, I did a 3 hour workshop at the beginning of August and loved it.
I have a lovely book called Redwork Winter Twittering's by Pearl Louise Krush and I have wanted to start some of the projects for ages but have always thought them to be a bit hard/ complicated. But once you draw the picture out and start its fine....
Probably first time nervous????? You know how it is you want to start something new but keep think, what if, what if and for some reason you expect it to be right first time. 
Which it is not and you start getting annoyed with yourself, then you give yourself a good talking too, relax and start again.  And what do you know it works better.
So here it is, the picture is Christmas themed, with ... yes you guessed it has a  snowman, it would not be Christmas/ winter without a snowman. If I have not told you before I love snowmen, and everything to do with snowmen. To me snowmen are winter/ Christmas/ fun. I just love them!!!!! Strange but true!!

I am only a bit way through but slow and steady wins the race. The stitches I have done so far are Stem Stitch, backstitch, running stitch and French knots and rosebuds for his buttons.

As I progress I shall show you updates. I have also joined a Autumn Stitch Club over at Wild Olive, every Monday until November  Mollie will be sending a new pattern for us to embroider onto hexagons..... 1 inch hexagons.

 This weeks pattern in for a scarecrow, so all I need to do today in down load the pattern, start cutting out my hexagons and have them ready for tomorrow as I am off to London by train so I have my train project ready to do. Can't wait.

I will show you that progress too.

Thanks for stopping by........ see you soon......

And oh if you want to take part in the Autumn Stitching Club the address is;

Keep sewing


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