Monday, 6 May 2013

Tea Towel Aprons.

Over at Threadbias I have been taking part in a Swap. For April we decided that the swap would be aprons made from tea towels.

Once you cut the tea towel to the correct pattern, you could then add what you liked. Such as pockets, frills, button, pictures etc. Basically you could add anything!!!!!!!

My swap partner was from Florida and I knew she loved my London fabric I used in the "I Spy" charm swap, so I made hers from this fabric.

Here is the first apron; my test apron just to make sure I could do the pattern and my sewing was not tooo messy.( I do all my sewing by hand, but I am being brave and trying some on my sewing machine.)

This was the second apron I made by machine,( my swap partner's one!) so I was a little bit worried about it. I chose a stripey blue tea towel and away I went.

I am pleased to announce she recieved it Saturday and loves it!!!!! Hooray
They are both hanging up on my drawers of fabric. Looking at these pictures I think I need to tidy them up a bit.

I have many more swaps to tell you about, and project updates, so see you soon and thanks for stopping by.

Keep sewing!!!!!!

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