Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Scrappy Quilt update with appliqued Teapot.

Well as some of you know I have been working on a Scrappy quilt, lots and lots of small squares all needing to be sewn together. Well here is my update, I have now completed 11 large squares and  6  teapots.

Yes, you have read right, I have appliqued 6 teapots onto plain coloured fabric. As you can see a one needs its lids appliqued on. This will be done soon, the trouble with this quilt is, that very time I pick it up to continue, some one asks me to help them with something or the phone rings !
I want this quilt, to have a summery look to it, sort of  "English Tea Party ".  I may add appliqued cupcakes or tea cups! not decided yet, but when I do, I shall let you know.

We have a quilts on the line show coming up in July, so this one will be shown as a quilt in-progress. I do have a table runner and my Christmas qwillow to put on the line and possible another a quilt, which will be shown as in-progress or as I like to call them UFO's (Unfinished Objects) I do have a few of these at the moment ...

Well this is my update on this quilt, I need to finish some pin cushions too as they are long overdue!

Thanks for stopping by, and I shall see you soon..........

Keep sewing....

Oh tomorrow I'm making greengage jam in the morning, I'll let you know how I get on ..

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