Friday, 10 May 2013

Fabric bags.

 I have been making fabric bags, partly to help save the environment and partly because I do hate plastic bags. They nearly always break, they are never attractive looking  and if you have just brought underwear or in our house we call them foundation garments ( foundation is always said " foundaaaaaaation" ) you don't want people knowing.
So here are my fabric bags, the top picture is the front and the one underneath ( I wish I could find a little arrow to point down) is the back.
 I love the fabric, all cakes, candles, presents, coffee and chocs.
I also love my owl fabric with a candy stripe back.

 This American Fabric is actually curtain fabric so this bag is very strong and I just love the magazine print
I carry everything in these bags, shopping, sewing, library books, etc and if they get dirty just put them in the washing machine.
They also make fabulous gifts or even gift bags.
My sister wants me to make her some because she hate plastic bags and taking them to the recycle centre every week with two little ones is not an easy task. Luckily she love funky fabric and I do have a nice little stash of fabric just right for her bags.
Once I get started I shall show you the fabric and the finished bags. She has only asked for seven!? So I better get a move on finishing my cube cats. I hoping these will be finished today so I can show you them tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by, see you soon...........
Keep sewing !!

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