Thursday, 16 May 2013

Peg Bags

In August I am hosting a Swap on Threadbias. Having racked my brains for something to come up with, I have decided on Peg Bags or Clothes Pin Bags.
I knew I was on to a winner, when my little sister came for a visit and said her Peg bag had split and could I mend it for her. This was the Peg Bag I made her about 10 years ago, I made one for my mum and other sister at the same time so I know they all need an overhaul.
I agree, and went off to find patterns. So off to the Library, my bookshelf and you guessed it Goggling I go..........
I have found hundreds and thousands, all different shapes and sizes on the Internet. On my bookshelf I found a book with two in and at the Library I found some more.
Now I have decided on the four I want to try out before August. I do like to be organised, and I am a bit nervous as I have never held a swap before, taken part in loads..... not hosted.

The first one is made from a tea towel. Bit of advice fold the tea towel in half to make sure its the same size. The one I used was not and a lot of shaking of the head, measuring and sewing went on. Here is the finished bag. It needs a little bit of decoration but I want  to show you the basic shape, now I will decorate it....... 

The next one, I tried was the dolls dress. This was a little bit harder as I had to enlarge the pattern and add lace. This fits a child's coat hanger, which is OK but I want to make on larger one that fits an adults coat hanger.

The next two are the same style but in different fabric. These are both using children's coat hangers

And my last is completely different, this is like a little bucket bag. It hangs over the washing line. On the hanger is a press stud so you can undo the strap, hook it over the line and press it back together. I am going to add a button where the press stud is, but I want a bird button and I don't have one!!!! YET but by tomorrow evening I will....
I shall be making more as they can be using for all sorts of things. Some people remember these as pyjama bags, some people have this in their pantries for plastic bag holders or even in you wardrobes for socks, and underwear bags.
I am going to use some for my sewing room to keep scraps of fabric in and one by my sewing machine for bits of thread and fabric ( much easier than bending over on your hands and knees picking stray bits of thread up)
You could even make some to put your potatoes and onion in and hang them in the pantry... The list goes on and on and on...........
Well thank you for stopping by, I may have just inspired you to make one! or two!!
See you soon and keep sewing.....

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