Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Thinking of cake.........

While I was sewing my penguin with the sticky up hair, I was thinking about cake or more to the point what cake I wanted to eat right now, while I am sewing.
After a lot of thought ........well five minutes I decided I wanted French Madeleine's.

So I downed my sewing needle and picked up my wooden mixing spoon and off I went. I made 30 Madeleine's and now its back to work sewing.

I need to finish my penguin as I need to begin a quilt block, for "around the world quilt group" I have joined. And I have just started a new scrappy quilt today as well. I shall tell you more later as I have cake to eat and penguin's to sew and  a polar bear.

Just not enough time in the day.......

Thanks for stopping by...... see you soon.

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