Monday, 28 January 2013

Greetings from Antarctica!!!!!!

Over at threadbias we have been having a sew along. The book we are sewing from is called "Pretty in Patchwork Holidays by John.q.Adams".

It was decided that every month we would sew something different from the book, so for January we are sewing penguins and polar bear pillows. Well mine might not be a pillow, I may make bags for Christmas for my nieces as I have only enlarged the pattern by 200% and this is the perfect size for little people to carry their goodies in. My nieces are small only 1-3 years old.

This is the template, enlarged by 200 %

So I thought, I would show you how I am getting on and I need to decide what I am going to do, as I can't put his eyes on until I have quilted and he looks a bit lost at the moment with no eyes.

This is how it started.

This is what it looked like half way through.

Finished but he needs eyes but the can't be put on until I have quilted and added a boarder and made it into a bag or pillow!!!!!!!

This is the next one a penguin with sticky up hair.

I shall keep you posted on how it all goes and I need to get a move as there is a polar bear to make as well and February is here in a few days and our next sew along is going to be a " holiday surprise reverse applique' pillow" either a heart or Christmas tree. I may do this or some of this on the sewing machine !!!!! I do all my sewing by hand.

As I am not very brave about doing quilts or quilt work by machine, I guess it just the way I have been taught. But I do  use the machine for everything else.... but quilts !!!!

Thanks for stopping by.............. see you soon...........

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