Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Happy New Year.....Welcome to 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope the  Holiday's where fun and enjoyable and the New Year was everything you hope for. 

I have not made a New Years resolution as I can never think of one or keep one.But for everyone who has, good luck and I hope you all succeed. Remember just by changing one small thing has a huge impact later on.

Well let me catch you up on life over Christmas in the cabin. Dotty went through her annual molt, which lasted three weeks, as this is her first molt she did not lose all her feather but this year may be different. Daisy and Betty had their molt earlier (October)but they are only 18 months old so it may be all different towards the end of the year. I read that the average chicken has 8,500 feathers, so it could look like a giant pillow fight in the cabin next winter.

Then Daisy became unwell, very quiet and would not eat her dried food and has only been eating corn on the cob. I knew she was unwell last Friday as she refused to eat her toast.

But we have been to see the vets and they are a little unsure of what may be wrong  as Daisy does not have a temperature and her other bits are fine. But we decided to have a course of antibiotics just to be safe. As last night it was -4 and tonight it could be -7 and if she does have a bug I don't want to risk it with the cold nights and we may have snow by Friday.

Bear my cat loved the Christmas tree, looked a bit puzzled as to why I would put a tree in the house but still slept under it. You would think after 14 years she would be used to a Christmas tree in the living room. Put we don't put present under until Christmas Eve because she love paper and you can guess what happens, if we put them out earlier.

I am also looking after my sister's houseplants while she is moving, so I had to find places in the house for 15 various sized houseplants. I need to remember they are not used to loving care approach more like  drought season, as she would forget to water them. But her philosophy was they had two choice and they seemed to like the drought come monsoon season kind of living.

There is lots more to tell but Daisy needs her medicine before she goes off to bed. I have a childs' syringe and need to get her to open beck so I can give her medicine!!!!!!!!  

Thanks for stopping by.

See you all again soon...........

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