Sunday, 20 January 2013

Table Mats and Coasters..... London Style.


I had this material since the summer and I could not decide what to make! 
I wanted to make my sister a gift for Christmas and while looking through my stash of material ( a rather large stash of material that seems to grow weekly) I found all my London fabric.
So I decided what ones to use and started making her four table mats using the London tube map material and four coasters using my London building and Icons fabric. The coasters are reversible as I was having trouble deciding which I liked the most. And I thought if she got bored looking at one side she could always turn them over to look at the other pictures.
I like them so much I made some for myself. And I still have some of the material left to make something else. Just not sure what that something will be yet.
Maybe a patchwork bag of all London fabric!!!!!!!!!
Coaster London Buildings and Icons.

London Tube Map

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