Friday, 30 November 2012

Heart Garlands

I decided to make a heart garland because I wanted to add it to the Holly and Ivy garland I am going to make for my front door.  I made a garland last year for my door and added red bows but it was missing something.... Hearts.

So this year my garland is going to have hearts.

And while I am making one, I might as well make two. One for the door and one for the cabin.

The red hearts are going to be for the front door; I think!!!    And the ice blue hearts are for the cabin!!!!!

I have got to add the ribbons and string them. I have the cord for the blue hearts but I need to buy some string for the red hearts. I decided I wanted garden string so it would look more natural with the Holly and Ivy.

Once I have strung them I will take pictures to show you all. Hopefully I should get it done today as I off shopping to buy supplies. Oh and lots of treats for the Gang of three or as I call them "The Girls"

Thanks for stopping by.... See you soon

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