Thursday, 29 November 2012

CupCakes and Sugarcraft

I left the cabin for the day to go with my little sister for a  Cup Cake and Sugarcraft course.

The Gang of Three did not like this; probably because I had to leave at 7am and they had just been up for an hour. Daisy had her toast at 6.15 am; which was 45 minutes too early. She was not impressed, Betty and Dotty both thought I was putting them back to bed as it was still dark at 7am. And Daisy...... well she was not having any of it. Refusing to follow me down to her house and run, I tried to bribe her with Cheese, did not work but Betty loved it. Tried her with a whole corn on the cob, still refused to move; Dotty had that and loved pecking at it. Then I tried porridge with warm milk, Daisy loves this on a cold morning, still refused and hid under the Ivy. Well time was getting on so I had no choice but to go in and get her out and what a noise she made, for someone so small she can wake the dead. Anyone would have thought she was being attacked by a fox!
Once they were locked away nicely in their run, with enough food for a party, off I went. One last look round to make sure they were fine as I locked up the cabin.. Daisy was staring back at me, frowning!!!!!
( I'm in the dog house, tomorrow is not going to be a good day. Daisy payback)

I have always made cakes, ever since I was small. Cupcakes I have decorated with buttercream topping and cakes with icing and buttercream. But I have never attempted Sugarcraft.

Well when we arrived we saw the cakes and my they were good, then the nerves kicked in. Oh my what am I doing here, I looked at my little sis and asked her if she was sure this was the right class.

See my little sis does a Cake Decorating Course on Thursday night's and she thought it would be good to do this class, as her tutor would be taking the class. Well I thought this could be a disaster.

Our Tutor's name was Ann Wilson and she had been teaching for 20 years + So she must be good and used to people looking nervous. And she was.....

Ann took us through all the cakes one by one, broke every design down and it was great, I loved it. Now when I look at these beautiful cakes I know how they are done.

We used modelling icing, glitter, sugarpaste ( icing ready made in the shops), food dye and had hand outs with recipes for Golden Syrup Cupcakes, Tomato Soup Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting, White Chocolate Ganache and Bailey's Buttercream. We learnt or should I say I learnt to pipe my cupcakes with the correct size tube. I have to use a Wilton open star tube for swirls. This is used on my green cupcakes. ( This is so they look like trees for Christmas and not because they have gone off, just in case you were looking at them wondering why they were green.)


We also learnt how to pipe a rose. I came out of class knowing how to do so much more now there is no stopping me and all my cakes will be sugarcrafted or piped. Watch out world here I come!

So if anyone else is wondering should I do a Cupcake and Sugarcraft course the answer is YES, you will love it!!!

 I arrived home at 7pm, went straight down to lock the girls away in their house.  I knew they would be fast asleep, they go to bed at 4.30pm. I tried not to make a sound.  Just as I  lent in  to close the door, Daisy popped her head up at the window and made this little noise and the look on her face said it all. What time do you call this, where do you think you've been all day. Just as I was about to say something, she stuck her head under wing and fell to sleep.
Oh I am in big trouble and tomorrow I will have hell to pay.

Thank- you for stopping by,  see you again soon....

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