Monday, 26 November 2012

Meet the Gang of Three. Girls from the Cabin

Meet the Gang.

We have Daisy, Betty and Dotty. These are my three chickens. They live in the garden in a nice little chicken house by night and by day they live in the cabin.
Our day starts at 6am in the winter or 5.45 am in the summer. In the summer it could be earlier. This means no sleeping in.


They are funny little chickens, Betty is the smallest and very bossy. She will peck her sisters if they get too near her food, sharing is a bit of a problem at times for Betty because the food is also Daisy's and Dotty's. I do explain this to Betty daily and we are getting there. Betty is first out the Hen House and first in the cabin in to the box of straw under the table to start the process of getting ready to lay her egg. Some days this happens within minutes other days it could be hours. All depends on the time of year. While she is in the process she will go though her nesting ritual, which means Betty will walk around the cabin/ garden picking up straw, leaves, twigs anything in her way and throw them over her shoulder. Its quite funny to watch, she can be a drama queen at times. If Daisy or Dotty get in the box of straw before Betty has finished with it she will stand in front of the box and crow at the top of her voice and if that does not work, she just climbs in and pushes them out even if it means she sits on their heads in the process. Share can be Betty's biggest problem.!!!!!!!


Dotty is larger than Betty and is our pin up girl. Dotty is always cleaning her feathers, making herself look nice. But don't be fooled Dotty can be very mischievous, if Dotty wants to go somewhere Dotty goes!!!!!!!  she is always jumping up and over things, going into places she should not be in. The grass is always greener where she should not be. Then when you find her and try to bring her back she looks at you as if butter would not melt. Lately she has decided to sit on my shoulder when we are in the cabin. I could be sewing, reading, cutting out material or just passing the time of day, Dotty will jump up onto my arm then proceed to walk up and sit on my shoulder or stand what ever takes her fancy as long as she is higher that her sisters. Now and again I will get a peck on the head to let me know I have done something wrong like moved without telling her what I was doing.


Daisy is the youngest and smaller that Dotty but gets an ear full from Betty. Daisy is first in of a nighttime as she loves to sleep near the door, which Betty and Dotty hate. As every night they try to push her out of the way in to the middle of the perch so they can sleep there but Daisy stands her ground and pushes back. And wins every night.
Daisy is the most vocal of all my girls. She talks from the time she gets up to the time she goes to bed. Just as well really because I talk to them all day too, probably where she gets it from. Daisy loves toast in the morning, with proper butter, none of this "you think its butter, or tastes like butter," she's not fooled and will tell you so if you try to fool her. Some days she is partial to a bit of jam but during honey season and extracting, well if she could get her head in the bucket she would, she loves honey........

Daisy is a bit like Betty when it comes to laying her eggs, if someone is in the box of straw they will not be there for long, Daisy goes full steam ahead and kicks you out. She will sit on you and if that does not work she will push you over the side. No love lost when I comes to Daisy and laying her egg, "needs must an all... girl's got a job to do" and Daisy will do the job.

Being the youngest she is a little unsure of things and not a lover of change. Her big sister Peggy used to look after her alot but Peggy died this year and Daisy missed her terribly, well we all did and still do. She has good days and not so good days. I have become Daisy's surrogate big sister and she is my little one and we do feel sad together when we miss Peggy. But time is a good healer so they say. Anyway Daisy follows me everywhere and I mean everywhere if she could come shopping she would.

This is Peggy on the back of the chair. We love you Peggy R.I.P

Well they all would Betty, Daisy and  Dotty are very nosey if shopping bags are left on the floor for too long( we are talking 10 seconds max) their heads, followed by their bodies go in to see what you have brought them!!!! They think all shopping food, clothes, material, anything really is theirs. Then if they can't eat it, then its yours....... Chicken logic "if I can't eat it, forget it!!!!!"

Now you have met the gang, well some of the gang. You are still to met Bear my black fluffy by winter cat.

See you soon for more adventures, as every day is different in the cabin. Thanks for popping by ......

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