Monday, 3 December 2012

Dickensian Christmas Festival

On Saturday, I left the cabin to go to Rochester Kent, for a Dickensian Christmas. Everyone taking part is dressed in Victorian Costume. The streets are full of entertainment with Singing, Dancing, Readings and Storytelling.

I met some familiar characters from Dickens stories like;

Pip and Miss Havisham from Great Expectations.

The Dickensian Christmas has been held since 1988. The Medway was a special place for Charles Dickens as he spent five years of his Childhood here from 1817 to 1822. He did return here for the last few years of his life, Charles Dickens' died in 1870 at Gads Hill Place.

In this Chalet Charles Dickens wrote five of his novels and many other works, whilst it was in the garden of his Rochester Home " Gads Hill Place"
It is now in Eastgate gardens on Rochester High Street.


Victorian Fireman
These are some of the people dressed in costume

This Lady used to be the Mayor of Rochester. 
Then there was a nighttime procession and carols being sung as they all walked up to Rochester Cathedral for Christmas carols by candle light.
As the night drew in the street began to look and smell different, people in the surrounding house started to burn coal and wood so you had the smell of a Victorian Street in winter.
It all seemed very Christmasy all of a sudden.

In the castle grounds there was a Market and fun fair rides. The weather was dry but very cold, they did have a snow machine to every now and then you though it was snowing and the street looked very festive.
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