Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Pot Holders

My mum needed some new post holders for her oven. She finds oven gloves a bit restricting and her pot holders had seen better days. So I made her a pair.
We were out in Canterbury Kent the other week and popped into The Sewing Shop to look at fabric!!! I love looking at fabric, Oh I need to tell you about a new swap I'm taking part in, its fabulous !! there I go off on a different direction................ Right; back to pot holders.
Yes, we looked at fabric for different projects I have on the go and my mum started picking out fabrics she liked, which were also ones I liked. So easy to buy with mum in tow and not telling her what I was planning to make ( for her ).
So the fabric chosen was Michael Miller Fabric Paris Ville Multi FQ French France City Street Scene Town and Summer Beach Huts scene but I am not sure who this is by.  Then I set about making her Pot Holders.

 The size for these are 9 inches x 9 inches, lined with my soft and elegant batting and edged in yellow fabric. And quilted with a pinwheel design, just to hold the layers together. So quick and easy to do, I hand sewed them in the garden, in an afternoon, enjoying the sun..... Yes!! we have sun here now at last!!!!!!

Then gave them to her as a present. My Dad asked what they were!!!!! typical men....... then replied "Good, now we can  throw them horrible things hanging by the oven away and used these, Good size I don't think I will burn myself now" and off he went to do the deed. So it looks like he likes them too.

Will tell you more about the other swap I am doing tomorrow as I have just got to finish a bit more research, lots of interesting blocks to make ........ Oh I need to tell you about Junes quilt around the world block, now that is different too.

Thanks for stopping by..... see you soon.....................

Keep sewing.........



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